Graduates’ Experience

I learned how to study

I am very pleased with the educational route I took for seven years in Mofet (Enrichment centre, Junior-High School and High School). I am quite positive that thanks to Mofet I have reached this point in life. I put a lot of work an effort in my studies in Junior-High School and High School and it paid off. Thanks to Mofet in High School, I could expend my matriculation examinations to 5 points in seven subjects. All of my teachers were highly qualified and professionals. Being a Mofet graduate I could join in the army’s Talpiot course, which permits the soldiers to finish a BA degree, while serving the IDF and becoming an officer as well.

(Giora Rokobishnikov, Mofet Jerusalem)

Quality and professional education from elementary school

I started studying in the Mofet enrichment centre when I was in elementary school and continued in a Mofet class for the rest of my studies. Mofet’s system triggered my curiosity and developed my creativity in Mathematics. I studied with the best teachers in the country. I not only studied in a high level of education, but also gained lifetime friends.

(Dimitry Teran, Mofet Jerusalem)

Mofet’s programme for personal excellence

I was a Mofet student for six years – Junior High and High School. These were the best years of my life. The high level of education that I was exposed to helped me a lot during my army years in the IDF. I follow the personal example of my Mofet teachers, who were very professional and creative; they taught me how to look differently at things and how to solve problems differently. Thanks to my teachers, I was highly motivated and could excel in my studies. I am very proud to be a Mofet graduate and I can feel the appreciation of society when they learn I am a Mofet graduate.

(Alecsander Hohalov, Mofet Jerusalem)