Mofet excellence centers

The Mofet centres for enrichment and excellence were founded by a group of teachers and scientists from the former Soviet Union who were aware of the need to enhance their private children’s extracurricular education beyond the formal Israeli one.

These teachers and scientists organized for their children groups of studies in the afternoons, thus placing the cornerstone for the Jerusalem centre for excellence. The academic and social success of the new immigrants’ children in their classes constituted a role model for their Israeli peers, who joined the afternoon group studies. In the late nineties, this phenomenon caused the need to increase the scope of the activity in the Jerusalem centre for excellence.


The Jerusalem centre for excellence operates as an evening school rather than an extracurricular afternoon activity. That is, it operates following all the characteristics of a formal school, except for the small size of the learning groups. The success of the Jerusalem centre for excellence (currently 700 students) brought about the founding of other 12 centres in Israel.


At the beginning, the school subjects taught in the centres were mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, logics, chess and Russian. Over the years, the variety of subjects was expended and the teachers were not only new immigrants from the former Soviet Union.


The teachers in the Mofet centres for enrichment and excellence are highly qualified and very experienced, thus providing its students with a high standard of study proficiency and motivation. The centres activities improve the students’ independence and prepare them to cope with stressful situations in higher and academic education and future jobs.