Organizational Structure and Personnel


Organizational structure

Since the beginning of the nineties, Mofet’s network activates in the non-formal educational system through the operation of centres for enrichment and excellence, which offer extracurricular activities in the disciplines of mathematics, physics, science, logics, chess, English and Russian. The 20 centres are nationwide located.

Since 1997, the educational departments of Mofet activate within the Israeli formal educational system in 120 schools nationwide located.

In Mofet’s network, activate departments and their functionaries, who are liable for the pedagogical and administrative aspects.

Organizational Hierarchy


Departments and Personnel

Mofet’s CEO – Ms Orna Schneiderman

Mofet’s CDO, Resource Development, Assessment and Measurement – Shay Giat

CEO office

Pedagogical Administration – Coordination and Control – Bruria Ziv

Fiscal Section – Payroll section – Olga Kulicov

Human Resources Section – Olga Kamnetzky

Fiscal Section for Preparatory Courses – Orly Shbabo

Fiscal Section for Enrichment Centres and Excellence Centres – Inna Tichonov

Legal Advisor – Sharon Nevo Adv.

Department for Mathematics – Orna Schneiderman

Department for Physics – Dr. Dov Trigerman

Department for English – Rachel Feldebrandt

Department for Empowerment – Mallei Rappaport

Academics and Alumni – Dr Uri Stoin (PhD)

Preparatory Courses – Ravid Adler

Database – Esther Maron