Registration Process

Registration Process

The process of registration to a Mofet class, in the Junior High School educational system, is done in the course of the 6th grade of elementary school. The process consists of a personal interview, the preparatory courses and the admission committee of the school staff.

The rationale for the preparatory courses is to assess a student-teacher mutual inspection of suitability to participate in the programme. Suitability from the point of view of an academic level and motivation, on the one hand, and measure up expectations of the students themselves with the numerous meanings of integration in a Mofet class. The motivation and the discipline which are in the foundation of excellence are also very important to Mofet. Mofet’s belief is that motivation is the key for success and is a stimulus for the development of every child. Thus, due to motivation, even a weak student can reach significant achievements.

The Purpose of the Preparatory Courses

The preparatory courses, in mathematics, physics and English, value the extent of motivation of the students as well as their earnestness and capability to cope with challenges. Therefore, the preparatory courses enable the entrance of students to a Mofet class, who show in the course of the process, a constant improvement. In addition, the preparatory courses simulate the learning environment of a real Mofet class, thus providing knowledge and learning skills on the one hand, and the opportunity to mingle with future peer students, on the other.

The Structure of the preparatory course:

The preparatory courses consist of frontal lessons and group work. The students are assessed several times during the courses to classify their progress. These assessments consist of an important component of the students’ personal feedback for towards their studies.

The process of the preparatory courses:

  1. Exposure to the essence of the Mofet classes which is done by a representative from Mofet. The exposure is done to the interested parents and students.
  2. Interview of the interested students. The interview is conducted in the premises of the Junior High School which the student is meant to join, and is done by a representative from Mofet and the school’s counsellor.
  3. After the first phase of the preparatory course there is a symposium of the school’s Pedagogical Council which includes the school’s headmaster, the school’s counsellor, the teachers who conveyed the preparatory courses and a representative from Mofet. The identification is based on the student’s academic and social achievements in the preparatory courses and the teacher’s impression of each student.
  4. The second phase of the preparatory courses is meant for the students who will start studying in a Mofet Class. This phase’s purpose is to prepare the students for the academic level and social requirements of a Mofet class.