Within the framework of the Arab Language Program of the Mofet International Classes students will study Arabic as a whole: The Literary Mode (reading and writing) and the Communicative Mode (for communication and speech). Studies will be based on the approved Board of Education Curriculum and all items will be covered. Students will receive extra-curricular activities accentuated by experiential learning of linguistic, social cultural and regional elements. Within the aforementioned, students will be exposed to listening and reading comprehension texts as well as to lectures, investigations and polls, while developing an extended understanding of the various peoples and groups in the Middle East. Lectures will deal with social and political aspects of this region. Students will become familiar with historical connections between Jews and the Arab Language and between Jews and Eastern Cultures. Some units will deal with the life and cultural thought of Israeli Arab citizens, promoting Arabic as a language of culture. Students will watch movies and go to the theatre while becoming familiar with Arab children’s literature and Arab songs. They will meet Arab cultural leaders and will partake in special Enrichment Days.

The International and Diplomatic character of these classes will be apparent in a specific and special curriculum using current, modern teaching methods, which will be visible in unique lessons having part English part Arabic activities (so that there won’t be “automatic retreat to the Hebrew comfort zone). Students will watch short films in Arabic with English sub-titles as well as films in English with Arabic sub-titles. They will experience lessons which strengthen their knowledge regarding the region we live in- the various countries, Israel’s place within Arab nations, capital cities, historical and religious places, etc.

The aim of this program is to develop highly capable students in the various language skills such as reading, writing and speaking together with increased knowledge and interest in Arab culture, issues in the Middle East and Arab-Jewish relations.

The Arab Studies Program in the International   Mofet Classes aims to constitute an innovative pioneer program for the study of Arabic in Israel all the while intensifying upgrading and developing this field of study in Israel.

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Dr. Jonathan Mendel