Keeping in mind the fact that English is the official language of science and international communication the English department’s goals are to introduce students to different English literature genre and to enable students to acquire translation skills of multidisciplinary texts, through the development of low and high order of thinking skills. These skills will facilitate the acquirement of communication, translation, conflict management and resolution skills. Thus preparing the students for diplomacy and global communication in English.

The department’s manager is a PhD professional in the field of teaching English as a foreign language and writing materials for the teaching of it to different populations

The English department has built learning materials for the extracurricular activities of the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades of elementary school (in the Mofet centres for enrichment and excellence), the booklet for the 6th grade preparatory course and its teacher’s guide. For Junior High School, the department has constructed supplementary learning materials for the enrichment of the English curriculum programme, which prepare the students for  diplomacy and global communication in English. In addition, the department provides individual instruction and group teachers’ training encounters for the English school staff.

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Staff Department

Rachel Peledbrandt – Department Manager

Phone: +972-37677011

Mail: Rachel@reshetmofet.org


Brenda Blackman

Phone: +972-37677011

Mail: brenda20.blackman@gmail.com