CEO Message

For all educators and my fellow teammates in education

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”  (William Arthur Ward)

The main goal of the non-profit organization of Mofet is to cause a fundamental change in the Israeli society in the areas of schooling, development of thinking skills and education towards values. This fundamental change can only occur by an educator, who will know how to lead the students to a creative judgment, to a striving for excellence and to an instilling of values, thus being the source of influence for inspiration.

Having in mind the fact that Israel’s future depends on the preservation of the advantage in quality; Mofet has placed excellence as a main target and invests in encouraging and fostering distinction and outstanding students so the state of Israel can continue to lead in many areas within an economical and social growth.

Prof. Dan Shechtman delivering his banquet speech on receiving the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2011 said that “Science is the ultimate tool to reveal the laws of nature and the one word written on its banner is TRUTH… It is therefore our duty as scientists to promote education, rational thinking and tolerance. We should also encourage our educated youth to become technological entrepreneurs. Those countries that nurture this knowhow will survive future financial and social crises”.

In order to guarantee the stability of the state of Israel in future crisis, the educational system has to keep up with the development of technology and the global changes. The Mofet team is obligated to adjust an up-to-date syllabus which provides tools to the development of judgment and inquisitiveness and the endowment of wide-ranging values.

“Old ways won’t open new doors” (unknown) – is the motto for Mofet’s aspiration to be a driving force and inspiration for the Mofet students who will be a solid foundation for the future generation of leaders.

Much obliged by the appreciation and recognition of your instructive performance.

Orna Schneiderman