The department for Empowerment

Viewing the student as the core, the department’s goal is to provide tools to the students, parents, educators and the school staff, to cope with education to excellence.

The departments’ team consists of educational counselors, coaches, groups’ instructors, schools’ principals and remedial teaching teachers.

How is the change done?


The Empowerment Department’s goal is to empower the students, the parents and the school staff  to an enhancement of self and social values excellence.


  • Creative thinking.
  • Norms and limits.
  • Enhancement of self image.
  • Design of an individual and class vision.
  • Team work.


  • Enhancement of their self esteem and individual sense of achievement.
  • Building a set of values emphasizing contribution.
  • Development of sensitivity to others.
  • Development of success factors.
  • Coping with difficulty and failure.


  • Development of a mutual language portrait to Mofet values.
  • Tools for the support of the student towards development of excellence.
  • Tools for keeping a parent-student dialogue.
  • Resolution of characterized dilemmas of Mofet students.

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Staff Department

Dr. Zvika Righter – Department Manager

Phone: +972-37677016

Mail: zvika.r@haifanet.org.il


Mijael Bartov

Phone: +972-6328660

Mail: mijaelmofet@gmail.com


Revital Golan

Phone: +972-505398466

Mail: revitalmofet@gmail.com


Nahum Israeli

Phone: +972-506794703

Mail: nahum6464@gmail.com


Mali Rapaport

Phone: +972-506794703

Mail: malimofet@gmail.com


Adi Shlaifer

Phone: +972-525276700

Mail: ashlaifer@gmail.com


Dan Schwartz

Phone: +972-5455445

Mail: dansch88@gmail.com