Professional experience of the Mofet pedagogical team

The pedagogical team of Mofet consists of highly experienced senior management and educators who are responsible of the instruction and guidance of the team school in charge of the integration of the programme following Mofet’s principals.

The process includes:

  • Estimation, trust and mutual commitment
  • Openness and availability to the needs of school and community
  • Stability combined with creativity and innovation


The Mathematics and Physics departments’ team consists of mathematicians and physicists all of whom possess an MA or a PhD and are experts in the discipline of teaching mathematics and physics.

The Computer Science department’s manager is an experienced well-appraised Computer Science teacher.

The English department’s manager is a PhD professional in the field of teaching English as a foreign language and writing materials for the teaching of it to different populations.

The Empowerment department’s team consists of educational counselors, coaches, groups’ instructors, schools’ principals and remedial teaching teachers.