The Board and members of the General Assembly

The General Assembly, which gathers once a year, is in charge of the fundamental policy of the Mofet network and is responsible for the election of the board and the certification of its balance.

Members of the General assembly:

Dr Apelboum Mark

Giat Shay

Goldshmit Rosita

Hasson Erez

Harel Ronit

Dr Yanovesky Lev

Katayave-Korsonsky Stela

Magner Yuri

Man Lika

Markovitz Yacob

Naveh Eilon

Ogen Tamara

Stoin Svetlana

Prof Rosenshtein Vladimir

Ratner Nitza

Ran Yosef

Rapaport Mallie

Ziv Bruria


The Board:

Ben Dor Boris

Merom Harpaz

Dr Samocha Yair


Roles and responsibilities:

  • Educational policy and development
  • Raising funds
  • Monitoring the implementation of the plans of work
  • Budget approval
  • Responsibility for decision-making
  • Approval of role holders
  • Task tracking of enrichment centres without deficits
  • Decision of closing down enrichment and excellence centres
  • Certificate of nonstandard operations


Members of the academic committee:

Members of the academic committee are senior academic doctors (PhD) and professors, all of whom are experts in the fields of education, mathematics and science. The academic committee serves as a steering committee for the development of educational initiatives, teaching programmes and the writing of academic articles. The members of the academic committee take part in research and assessment, which accompanies Mofet’s activities.

  • Prof Tamar Horovitz – chairman of the committee
  • Prof Michael Mor
  • Prof Shmuel Shamay
  • Dr Yair Samocha
  • Dr Mark Apelboum
  • Dr Ofra Shtein
  • Dr Vladimir Rosenshtein