Petah Tikva

Mati Chay – Center’s Manager

“The goal is to enable the exposure of the mathematics’ language to a large range of children by raising curiosity and challenge, thus causing them to fall for the mathematics’ language”.

The Petah Tikva center for mathematics and science was founded in 2004 based on Mofet’s vision to resolve the educational need of curious students, who are highly motivated and have a tendency to mathematics and science. This is done through challenging and creative supplementary teaching programmes.

The centre’s characteristics and uniqueness:

  • The centre’s activities are meant for 4th, 5th and 6th graders who are highly motivated and curious with a tendency to mathematics and science, self disciplined and well behaved.
  • The centre’s goal is the exposure to the richness and beauty of the mathematic discipline, thus causing a familiarity to it on the one hand, and to elevate curiosity and motivation so to struggle with challenges, on the other.
  • The development of logical, creative and critical thinking of solving problems will prepare students for research, development, initiation and knowledge-intensive industry.
  • Students, who experience and expand knowledge according to the Mofet’s goals in the mathematics discipline, are better prepared for academic studies in general and specifically in the domains of science and technology.
  • The teaching staff consists of mathematicians all of whom possess a high academic degree and are experts in the discipline of teaching mathematics.
  • The academic subjects of the centre are Mathematics, Science, Computer Science and English, whose methodology is dictated by the professional departments of Mofet.
  • The students participate in the biennial national and international Mathematics and Physics Olympic Games always reaching first places.