Computer Science

The Computer Science Department

The Computer Science department’s goal is the exposure of young students to the study of all aspects of computer systems, from the theoretical foundations to the very practical aspects of managing large software projects. The students will study Python, which is the programming language used by NASA, GOOGLE, DROPBOX and the intelligence units in the IDF. The study of this programming language will encourage the students’ curiosity and motivation to struggle with challenges in Computer Science on the one hand, and will reinforce the students’ awareness in mathematics and physics, on the other.

The development of logical, creative and critical thinking of solving problems through the learning of Python will prepare more students for future research, development, initiation and knowledge-intensive industry, thus acquiring tools for the writing of a compulsory final project.

The department’s manager is an experienced well appraised Computer Science teacher.

The departments’ team provides individual instruction and group teachers’ training courses for the school staff.

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